The students will enjoy putting away the puzzle pieces. With a little guidance from you, they will do this with co-operation.

Reach behind you to pick up the blue jello rhythm puzzle with one hand, then tip the paper piano so all the puzzle pieces slide off right in front of you. Set the paper piano behind you out of the way. Move the puzzle into the center of the children. If anyone's little hands start to grab up all the pieces only motion for them not to touch anything just yet.  Say, "To clean-up the puzzle pieces, each of you may pick up just one piece at a time and put it away. Take your time and be nice to each other."



Little hands will now move slowly and thoughtfully picking up puzzle pieces and working together to put them away. If anyone begins grabbing pieces, hold out your hands, retrieve the pieces that were grabbed and possibly ones already put in the puzzle and repeat your directions, "Let's begin again. Take your time and  . . . "

"Wonderful clean-up. What good manners you all have."