Before your students arrive, remove 15 pieces from the blue jello rhythm puzzle: 5 whole notes (3 with centers), 4 stems, and 3 flags. Set them aside so the students don't see them.



Remove five cards from your real rhythm cards binder:  whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, and sixteenth note.



Setting Up Your Real Rhythm Cards So They are Hiding

It's helpful if you select these five real rhythm cards and place them on a paper piano before you begin the first step of this game. The element of surprise with these cards is of the utmost importance.

It is important that your cards be set up exactly as shown in this photo so when you pull them out for the students, they are facing the correct direction. I suggest you practice this set-up several times and even do in front of mirror or for your family or pets. 

Stack the cards on top of one paper piano so they are ready to go for Step 2. Put this where the students won't see them until it's time for Step 2 of the game.