Step 3: Rainbow Xylophone

You can do this step after adding the real rhythm cards or before or after you play the next game: RM - 5 Puzzle Notes Chance Match. Playing the notes on one pitch of the rainbow xylophone helps bring the note values to life. The rainbow xylophone works well since the tones ring well.

  • Give the pulse (mm = 60 = quarter note) with a gentle finger snap for a couple of measures. 
  • "First I'm going to play the whole note on the rainbow xylophone. Be really still with your entire body so each of you can feel the beat on your own without anyone conducting, tapping or anything else." Everyone (including you) is ready to listen.
  • Set the pulse with two snap, snap, then r - ing - ing - ing. Use your finger to stop the ring at the exact moment.
  • Next play the half note. Snap, snap, r - ing touch
  • Next play the quarter note, then the eighth note and lastly the sixteenth note
  • Everyone will laugh at the brevity of the sixteenth note! And that's the point!

 Repeat one more time, adding saying and signing each note as you play the rainbow xylophone. The students may enjoy playing, too.