Step 2: Real Rhythm Cards

Students will enjoy this step with real rhythm cards.
Pick up the paper piano with the five real rhythm cards that you prepared before the first step of this game.


Hold up your paper piano with the prearranged real rhythm cards. The blank side is facing the students, “I have a sixteenth note card behind here. Would you like to see it?"

Slowly pull out the real rhythm card sixteenth note from it’s hiding place behind the paper piano. 
“Oh, it’s so tiny.” “Yes, the sound is very short.” Place it above the sixteenth note made with puzzles pieces. Give students turns tracing their fingers on the horizontal line of the real rhythm card.



“Here’s the eighth note,” and slowly pull it out. Place it above the eighth note puzzle pieces and discuss that it’s twice as long as the sixteenth note. Students again run their finger along the horizontal line. This helps them to feel the different length of this card.



Continue with the quarter note.



And the half note.



Slide the whole note card slowly to increase the suspense and emphasize its length. Be careful that the card doesn’t show from the sides of the paper piano as you slide it out. Don't be surprised if everyone watching is amazed and laughter bubbles up.