Step 2: Important Question

As you and your students pudding shuffle your cards to play a second time, casually ask:

“Is it more important to finish first or get your cards in the right order?” (Scroll down for translations of this phrase)

If you ask the question in exactly this order, they will answer, “Get your cards in the right order.” Then they will still happily race to finish first, but knowing how you feel will help them relax and not be concerned in the slightest if they are the last ones to say “fine”. Children are innately kind to each other and will be happy not to compete when we adults let them know it's okay.

However, if you ask, "Is it more important to get your cards in the right order?" they just might answer, "To finish first." Why? It's likely because those are the last words they hear.



Spanish phrase:

¿Qué es más importante, terminar el primero o colocar todas las tarjetas en el orden correcto? Silvia Crusellas Mãna, MMGTT – U1 and U2

Danish phrase:

"Er det vigtigere at blive først færdig end at få kortene i den rigtige rækkefølge?" Shannon Hawes

Swedish phrase:

”Vilket är viktigast - att bli klar snabbast eller att lägga korten i rätt ordning?” Magdalena Prahl, MMGTT – U1

Japanese phrase:

カードを早く並べるのと、正しい順に並べるのとでは、どちらのほうが大切ですか?Kana Nakamura, MMGTT – U1 and Maiko Horise, MMGTT – U1

Polish phrase:

"Co jest ważniejsze? Ułożyć szybko, czy w dobrej kolejności?" Renia Kossakowska-Lichtor, MMGTP and Anna Łuczak, MMGTP