Rhythm playing cards are dealt as in RM-17 Slow, except five cards are dealt face up to each player, five cards to the side piles and two cards face-up in the center. The remaining cards are divided evenly into two stacks that players hold face down in their hands.

Players must hold their stacks during the game except at the end when only their five face-up cards remain. Then players may use both hands.



Students play as fast as they can without taking turns, putting their face-up notes or rests cards on the discard pile. Cards that are one less or one more in value can go on either one of the top cards. Note: Appropriate dotted notes must go between rests. Why? To emphasize the value of dotted notes.

Players quickly fill the new spaces with cards from their stacks. When stuck, players take turns saying “Go!” and each one turns over a card from a side pile.

As the game is getting close to finishing and each player only has a few remaining cards, if a player places a card in the discard pile by mistake, the other player wins.