MMG Certified Teacher Trainer

Magdalena Prahl Broström

Teacher Trainer, Unit 1 & 2


Magdalena Prahl Broström is a Swedish Music Mind Games Teacher Trainer. She lives in the south of Sweden and teaches piano and piano methodology at Malmö Academy of Music.
Since 2009 she has been spreading the Music Mind Games method all over Sweden, by giving workshops, Unit 1 courses and presentations in numerous cities and schools.
Magdalena is a classically trained pianist, but loves to teach and play all sorts of music. She enjoys spending time with her family, and her husband is the well-known Swedish composer
Tobias Broström. In her free time Magdalena loves to read books, swim, take photos and
spend time in nature.


More about Magdalena:

Educational background:

Magdalena received her Piano Teacher Education at Malmö Academy of Music and studied Piano at Sundsgården Folkhögskola for two years.

Teaching experience:

Magdalena has been teaching piano for 17 years and Music Mind Games for 14 years. She is employed at Malmö Academy of Music and a Culture School in Trelleborg.

Music Mind Games Teacher Training:

Unit 1 June 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

Unit 1 April & May 2019, Malmö, Sweden

Unit 1 July 2018, Mönsterås, Sweden

Unit 1 August 2017, Visby, Sweden

Unit 1 September 2016, Söderhamn, Sweden

Unit 1 April- May 2016 Malmö, Sweden

Unit 1 October 2014 Malmö, Sweden


One or Two Day Workshops:

Eslöv, Simrishamn, Varberg, Kungälv, Göteborg, Mölndal, Trelleborg, Ängelholm, Burlöv, Lomma, Höör, Hörby, Söderhamn, Eskilstuna, Eksjö, Habo, Tidaholm, Sjöbo, Malmö, Ludvika, Staffanstorp, Svedala, Vellinge, Skövde, Mariestad, Linköping, Visby, Västerås and Gislaved. 


Student Workshops: 

Gislaved, Gothenburg, Ystad, Helsingborg, Malmö


Music Mind Games Teacher Training Assistant:

Unit 1 with Michiko Yurko, Creator: April 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland


Music Mind Games Training:

Unit 2 Retreat and Certification: June 2023 in Sundsgården, Sweden

Unit 1 Retreat and Certification: July 2014 in Aalborg, Denmark

Unit 2 with Michiko Yurko, Creator: June 2013 in Aalborg, Denmark

Unit 2 with Michiko Yurko, Creator: August 2009 in Mönsterås, Sweden

Unit 1 with Michiko Yurko, Creator: August 2008 in Mönsterås, Sweden



Magdalena has travelled to: Argentina, Austria, Burkina Faso, Canada, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Uruguay, and the USA.  



Swedish, English