MMG Certified Teacher Trainer

 Kristen Tourville

Teacher Trainer, Unit 1


Kristen is a Music Mind Games teacher, Trainer, and a Suzuki violin and viola teacher.  She lives in Missouri with her husband Matt, golden retreiver Ophir, and her flame-point Himalayan cat Akhilla.

Kristen loves to learn new things.  She is learning how to garden, loves mountain climbing, is learning how to use power tools for hobby projects, and enjoys clogging.  Kristen also loves to explore and travel about the country with her best "furriend", Ophir!

More about Kristen

Educational Background


Kristen attended Vanderbilt University and received her Bachelor of Music in violin performance.  Her Master of Music is in violin performance and Suzuki string pedagogy from Northern Arizona University.  She is a registered violin instructor with the Suzuki Association of the Americas.  Kristen is also a member of the American String Teachers Association (ASTA), Missouri ASTA, and an SAI alumnus.


Teaching Experience

Kristen has an independent violin, viola, and MMG studio in Missouri.


Music Mind Games Teacher Training and Student Workshops

Kristen has taught MMG Unit 1 Teacher Training workshops as well as student classes and workshops in Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas.  Most recently she taught the second half of Unit 1 at the Chicago Institute of Music.  


Music Mind Games Conference Presentations

Creating Music Literacy through Games with Karin Hallberg, Kari Lapins, and Michiko Yurko, creator of Music Mind Games: Suzuki Association of the Americas Conference Presentation, May 2018 in Minneapolis, MN

Introduction to MMG with Michiko Yurko, Creator: Suzuki Association of the Americas Conference Presentation, May 2016 in Minneapolis, MN


Music Mind Games Teacher Training Assistant

Unit 2 Retreat and curriculum review with Michiko Yurko, Creator with Akiko Takahashi and Silvia Crusellas Maña, Teacher Trainers: July 2018 in Kensington, MD

Unit 1 First Half with Michiko Yurko, Creator: October 2017 in Minneapolis, MN

Unit 1 with Kari Lapins, Trainer: June 2015 in Indianapolis, IN

Unit 1 with Michiko Yurko, Creator: July 2014 in Kensington, MD

Unit 1 with Michiko Yurko, Creator June 2013 in Alburquerque, NM


Music Mind Games Training 

Unit 1 Retreat and Certification with Michiko Yurko, Creator, and Kari Lapins, Teacher Trainer: June 2016 in Kensington, MD

Unit 2 with Michiko Yurko, Creator: August 2015 in Kensington, MD

Unit 2 with Michiko Yurko, Creator: August 2011 in Kensington, MD

Unit 1 with Michiko Yurko, Creator: March - April 2011 in Flagstaff, AZ

Unit 1A with Amy Fowers, Creator: March 2010 in Flagstaff, AZ



Kristen has had enormous fun traveling 38 states in the United States.  She looks forward to exploring the next dozen... and the world beyond!  Kristen has family overseas that she is looking forward to seeing again soon.  The majority live in the U.K., where her grandmother was born and her father grew up.